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Meet Theo Rlayang, a 28-year-old professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, gym owner and aspiring entrepreneur.

Rlayang was 8 years old when his father woke him up in the middle of the night to flee their small village. It took them more than a week to travel on foot through the perilous jungle to a refugee camp in Cambodia. They were shot at, there were dangerous animals, and some who traveled with them died along the way. 

Montagnard Identity

Most people Rlayang encounters know very little about Montagnards. He wants to serve as a role model for younger Montagnards. He sees MMA as a way to increase their visibility and to show youth that they should pursue their dreams. 

Montagnards (a French term for “mountain people”) are indigenous people of the Central Highlands in Vietnam and are known for assisting American soldiers during the Vietnam War. There are about 32 Montagnard tribes. Rlayang is a member of the Bunong tribe.

There are approximately 5,000 Montagnards in North Carolina, according to UNCG’s Center for New North Carolinians. Read more about Montagnards and how they came to Greensboro here.


MMA Journey

Rlayang’s early years in Greensboro were challenging, as he and his family tried to adapt to their new home. He was often bullied for being smaller than his peers. But he was drawn sports, first soccer, then wrestling. His high school wrestling coach saw his potential and encouraged and inspired him. Rlayang eventually discovered mixed martial arts and found his passion. By day, he worked as a nail technician at a salon, and by night, he fought and trained. 



Family Reaction

Rlayang’s parents worry about his safety when he’s fighting, but they’re proud of his accomplishments



Gym Tour

Welcome, to Jungle Athletics Rlayang’s MMA gym in Asheboro, which opened at the end of March, 2023.  Follow on Instagram @jungleathelticsgym

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