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When Steve Kim opened Potent Potables in 2012, there wasn’t much of a craft beer scene in the Jamestown / Southwest Greensboro / North High Point areas.

At the time, folks in the area may not have been as knowledgeable about craft beer, but they were very familiar with the Main Street building where he opened his business. For decades, it housed the intimate, family-owned Italian restaurant Sadie Mays. It was popular among Jamestown locals and drew fans from around the area. 

Kim brought them back by transforming it into a family-friendly, adult watering hole with a beer selection that draws the respect of aficionados. 

But there’s more to this business owner than beer. He’s a husband and a dad. He has a daughter in high school and a son in middle school. In his spare time, he enjoys music and outdoor activities, including running. And he’s very proud of his Korean heritage. He took a few minutes to answer this PAVE Q&A regarding entrepreneurship, beer, and Korean food. 

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What drew you to entrepreneurship? Did you always know you wanted to own your own business? 

I believe I got the intuition from my Mother who has owned a dry cleaners for 30+ years now. I kinda gravitated towards having my own business when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a cell phone business way back around 2004 (?). 

In all honesty, I enjoy being my own boss even though that comes with the ultimate responsibility of everything falling squarely on your shoulders. 

What are some rewards?

I can make my own schedule, for the most part, and the satisfaction of the business being reflective of oneself. 

What are some challenges?

What isn’t a challenge? It’s the constant worry, even when you are not there. 

Tell us about your beer journey—what prompted you to merge the two (your desire to run your own business and love for beer)? 

I have almost always had a love/passion for ‘craft’ beer since the 90s even though the selection was extremely sparse back then. 

You can only take two beers to a desert island — what are they?

This answer has evolved over time but currently, I would say: Lager/Pilsner and Saison

Noodles or rice?
Both? But I think noodles wins in the end if you hold me to it. 

Bulgogi, galbi or burgers?
Bulgogi because it can be used in so many dishes. 

What’s the most underrated Asian snack? Or what Asian snacks should be mainstream?
Hi-Chew or the tteokboki crackers.

The one Asian food you can’t live without?
Easy: KIMCHI!!!! 

Soju or whiskey?
Definitely whiskey (bourbon)

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Dave was born in the District of Columbia but considers the Districts of North Kohala and Hamakua his spirit home [once from the District, always from a District]. Dave does not do social media or answer the phone very often, so if you want to reach him, you will probably need to go analog. Brah,  dasswhyhard!

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