“The Asian American experience is unique for every individual regardless of one’s country of origin, one’s path to America, and how many generations of residence here,” says PAVE co-founder Christie Soper. “Our mission over the last year has been to raise awareness by giving voice to a diverse community of fascinating stories.”

“Our stories are rich and complex. They are relevant and significant — yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” PAVE co-founder Tina Firesheets says. “I am eager to share my own, as well as to share those of others.”

“We are grateful to all who have participated and supported our efforts and look forward to connecting more neighbors and friends locally,” Soper adds.

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Welcome to PAVE NC

Pan Asian Voices and Experiences of North Carolina

Watch for a new local Asian American personal story each week as part of this year’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month series to elevate voices and share a broad array of personal experiences.



Our Mission

PAVE NC (Pan Asian Voices and Experiences of North Carolina) is a nonpartisan, volunteer-led initiative created to educate by sharing real stories and experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in N.C. and provide a platform to connect AAPI communities so that they may collaborate with and support each other.


Asian population growth rate in NC 2000-2019

Asian Population in USA as of 2021


Population of Asian Americans living in the South as of 2019


Asian population in the U.S. growth over the past 10 years.

Local AAPI Storytelling Initiative Honors Heritage Month

Local AAPI Storytelling Initiative Honors Heritage Month An artist from India who came to the U.S. on an artist visa in 2017, now has murals in schools and businesses throughout the state.  A Montagnard woman who came to the U.S. as a refugee when she was 13, now...

Greensboro History Museum & PAVE NC

PAVE NC on the GHM History Lunch Break. May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and a chance to explore the contributions and diversity of AAPI families and individuals locally. Tina Firesheets and Christie Soper join us to talk about Pan Asian Voices...

Triad City Beat Features PAVE NC

As hate crimes against Asians rise nationally, locals share their stories and raise awareness. Triad City Beat - May 2021 Part of what Soper, Firesheets, and Chow are combatting as East Asians is the insidious concept of the “model minority” which arose in the...

PAVE NC Featured on WFDD

Turn a stranger into a neighbor through stories to combat violence. As heard on WFDD - May 11, 2021 "That’s the idea behind Pan-Asian Voices and Experiences of North Carolina, or PAVE NC. The Greensboro-based initiative has started posting weekly profiles — photos and...

Initiative to feature local Asian American stories

Pan-Asian Voices and Experiences of NC will feature stories and photos/videos about local Asian Americans. Released in the News and Record - May 2, 2021   We are proud to introduce the Pan-Asian Voices and Experiences of NC (PAVE NC) initiative. Our goal is to...

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